Info Dump

This amused me. It’s a sendup of the bad SF habit of infodumping. It’s worth consideration for any writer, though–it’s easy to commit similar scenes anytime I’m setting a scene or handling information that’s well-known to the characters but not to the readers.

Now what does it say about me that I found this parody’s description of air travel engaging?

In other news, my time is running out if I want to do reviews of the stories up for the Million Writers Award, and your time is running out if you want to vote. Let that be a warning to both of us.


4 responses to “Info Dump

  1. That was awesome… I will continue to think on that while sitting on approximately 7 foot long mattress made of all natural materials surrounded by a man-made enclosure of polyester and sealed with cotton stitching.

  2. Haha. Nice.

  3. Yours is funnier, I think. Perhaps because it’s so terribly meta.

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