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Fun With Zombies

Today did not have enough fun in it. As a result, I am linking to Isabel Kunkle’s story in Spacesuits and Sixguns, “Higher Education,” which does have fun in it, especially if you think zombies are fun, and if you like the idea of making holy water out of Sprite. Here’s a sample:

Green Sweater opened the door, stepping to one side. I pointed the bottle, tried to aim at the Thing rushing toward me while not actually looking at it, and wrenched off the top. The Sprite hit It in the eye, the main eye, the one as large as my head, and it smoked and turned cataract-white. The Thing didn’t die, though, like the bat had; it just reared back and thrashed around until Drew stepped past me and hit it between a couple of its other eyes with the fire axe.

I have pretty eclectic tastes in most art forms, and will read a pulp story with just as much (if not more) relish than a literary story. This is solidly a pulp story. I can’t philosophize about its deeper meaning — I’m honestly not sure it has one. But I am very convinced that the author had fun writing it, and I know I had fun reading it. Sometimes, especially considering my nonfiction day job, that’s what I need to come home to in the evening.