The Bloggening

Hello, blog world, and happy new year! I owe you updates on the Dzanc Write-A-Thon, and am also planning to post on my current crazy writing event, Wriye. For the moment, however, allow me to introduce you to the mechanism by which those posts will happen: the Bloggening.

As you can see from my archives running down the side of the page, in this blog’s 1 and 1/2 year history, the start of the year was not a great time for me as a blogger in 2008. In fact, I disappeared completely for January, February, and most of March.

To prevent this from happening again, and to inspire a healthy posting schedule, and to torture my friends when it’s time for the Million Writers Award and I’m blogging daily, I’ve joined the Bloggening, a collective bound by social contract to harass each other and apply peer pressure when one blogger’s not keeping up with the others. My partners in crime are as follows:

Belynda –
Dave –
Ian –
Rachel –
Tom –
Brandon –
Jaco –

I don’t believe any of us guarantee quality, only quantity. You’ll see more from me, and if you don’t, you can rest assured that people will be mocking me for it.


One response to “The Bloggening

  1. I do in fact guarantee quality! I guarantee that quality can somehow be associated with each and everyone of my posts!

    (Note that “this is shit” is in fact, a measure of quality) 🙂

    – B

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