Music and Writing

Over the past two years, I’ve developed the habit of listening to a single song on repeat while working on a story. (Believe me, my husband gives thanks nightly that I have headphones). It’s always been kind of neat to hear the song later and think of the story that’s been grooved into my brain along with the song. Vintage, for example, I wrote while listening to “Immortality.” Home to Perfect is, of course, “Green Grass and High Tides.”

I’ve also done this with my novel drafts, particularly in the home stretches. Last year’s 3-day novel was finished to “Stroke of Luck,” and this year, I already wrote about the importance of Dylan Rhymes.

This year’s Nanowrimo, however, seems to be taking the habit to new heights. I’m not sure how long “World in My Eyes” is going to hang on, but my play count on that song is reaching ridiculous heights. It’s hard to quantify exactly because I listen to it in several places, but I’m starting to think I should keep track along with my word count.

I’m wondering if I’m going to get a full-on Pavlovian reaction going, where the opening notes of that song start to make my fingers twitch as if typing.


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