The Haul

I went to featherproof books’ Dollar Store Summer Megatour at Brookline Booksmith last night, and the event was so much fun that I fell into a sort of book-buying frenzy. I’ve got more to say about the actual event and the authors I met there, but for now, here’s the haul, all of which I purchased because of how extremely aesthetically pleasing the books were, and how much fun I had hearing the authors read. I’d have bought more, but even I worry about how much I’m spending on books sometimes…

Lust and Cashmere, by A.E. Simns

Hiding Out by Jonathan Messinger

AM/PM by Amelia Gray

Trouble by Patrick Somerville

boring boring boring boring boring boring boring by Zach Plague

Hobart #9, the Games issue

When I read articles about how people no longer spend money on books, I am sure that the people writing these articles have never met me. Something like 80 percent of my disposable income goes to book buying, and the rest goes to french fries.


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