Monkeybicycle Subscription Drive

Monkeybicycle is trying to sign up 10 new subscribers this week, and, to encourage you, they’re offering super-discounted subscription rates through Friday. I’ve been reading and liking their archived stories posted online lately, but haven’t (yet) read the print issue. I am 1/10 of their goal, though–I’ve signed up. Matt Bell is having a blog contest offering to buy a back issue for a new subscriber. So far, I have a 100 percent chance of winning. You people should give me some competition 😀

While you’re at it, don’t forget to leave a comment on this post for a chance to win a subscription to The Sun–deadline is July 13.


2 responses to “Monkeybicycle Subscription Drive

  1. Thanks for the mentioning the subscription drive here, Erica! I sent the first issue in your subscription out today. If you like the online archives, you’ll love the print edition.

  2. No problem! I’m looking forward to seeing the issue, and thanks for visiting the blog 🙂

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