Short Story Month Becomes a Book

Short Story Month in May launched a barrage of awesome posts by Dan Wickett, Matt Bell, and Steven McDermott into my feed reader. All three wrote a slew of insightful, cogent reviews of stories and story collections.

I couldn’t keep up as a blogger, and I didn’t even try–Wickett reviewed 100 short stories in the month of May, and I found myself exhausted by my 10 posts earlier this month on the Million Writers Award finalists. Yeah.

The bigger tragedy was that I couldn’t keep up as a reader. I couldn’t even keep up with the posts, let alone the stories and collections they pointed to. I remember scrolling through my feed reader feeling like I was committing a crime by marking as read. Those posts could serve as a useful reading guide for months or years to come.

The good news is, that’s what they’re becoming. Dan Wickett announced on the Emerging Writers Network that Dzanc Books will collect 160 Short Story Month essays (by the three above, joined by Aaron Burch, who is now in my feed reader, but wasn’t in May) in a book, which will be available to people who donate $10 or more to Dzanc.

That’s an offer I’ll take. Dzanc is absolutely worth supporting, and this is a book that’s absolutely worth buying.


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