Million Writers Award Winners Announced

Jason Sanford has announced the winners of the Million Writers Award:

  1. First place (winner of $500): “The Fisherman’s Wife” by Jenny Williams (LitNImage)
  2. Runner-up (winner of $200): “Fuckbuddy” by Roderic Crooks (Eyeshot)
  3. Honorable mention (winner of $100): “No Bullets in the House” by Geronimo Madrid (Drunken Boat)

Congratulations to all!

He also kindly links here, which I appreciate. If you’re looking for my posts on the Million Writers Award finalists, here’s a list of finalists, followed by related posts:

If you still want more, you can check out:

And Now the Moment of Truth, Million Writers Finalists Posted, No More Teasing (which contains my nominees), Fantasy Magazine, Atomjack!, Million Writers Award Notable Stories. For a summary of last year’s results, see Congratulations to Matt Bell.

You can find even more from last year by typing “Million Writers Award” into the search box.


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