And Now the Moment of Truth

I’ve posted on all 10 finalists for the Million Writers Award, and now I have to decide how to cast my vote. Last year, I knew I would vote for Matt Bell’s story as soon as I read it. This year, it’s a much harder decision. From Jason Sanford’s blog, I know which stories were in the lead as of a few days ago, and it’s hard not to let that influence me.

I’m torn between Geronimo Madrid’s “No Bullets in the House,” Cyn Kitchen’s “Every Earth is Fit for Burial,” and Peter S. Beagle’s “The Tale of Junko and Sayuri.”

The strangeness of the Million Writers Award is that I actually find it pretty hard to compare the Beagle story with the other two. I struggled with this a great deal when reading through nominees. How do you compare Westerns, for example, with contemporary fiction? I decided then that the final measure, in that case, is supremely subjective. Which story will I remember longer?

I’m going with “No Bullets in the House” because it’s stuck with me for days, but it’s a tough, tough choice. I admire Jason Sanford’s taste a great deal, and of course he’s chosen a great list of finalists. May the best one win. If you haven’t voted yet, do it now. The polls close at 11:59 p.m..

Congratulations to all the finalists, and I can’t wait to see which story wins.


2 responses to “And Now the Moment of Truth

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  2. After some deliberation, I deleted an anonymous comment that was left on this post. While it sounds like the commenter had some valid points to make, I believe that the tone does not lend itself to the type of discussion I want on my blog (it contains several personal attacks, though not directed at me). If this was you, please know that you’re welcome to revise your comment and resubmit if you’d truly like to have a discussion. I’d have e-mailed to say so, but you didn’t leave your address.

    As far as the question of “censorship” of blog comments, I think of my blog as a living-room discussion. If you couldn’t participate in a useful way, I wouldn’t invite you into my living room. Same deal here. You’re welcome to disagree with me or anyone else, but you need to do it without making personal attacks if you want to do it here.

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