A Writing Podcast

I’ve got another podcast to recommend. It’s called Writing Excuses, and it’s made by Brandon Sanderson, Howard Taylor, and Dan Wells. The guys are both funny and helpful. Each episode is about 15 minutes and ends with a writing prompt (though often a silly one).

I found it after being impressed by the amazing work ethic of Brandon Sanderson. Reading about the man’s writing schedule makes me tired, and I thought I was a dawn-to-dusk writer. Sanderson also aims for an admirable level of transparency–he discusses writing honestly and openly in his blog and on the podcast, and he’s posted extensive first draft material on his website as well, as part of an effort to show the editing process. I shudder at the thought of doing the same (Remember my post on “lower expectations“? Yeah. I use that technique to finish first drafts.)

Writing Excuses covers subjects ranging from branding to writing good endings. Lately, the guys have been doing a series on the most important things they’ve learned in the last year.


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