Million Writers Finalists Posted

Jason Sanford posted the finalists for the Million Writers Award yesterday, along with some honorable mentions. None of my picks made the finalist list, but two of mine were on the honorable mentions list (“Retardo” by Rachel Maizes and “Flyaway Dreams” by Bryan S. Wang). Congratulations to the finalists and other stories!

I’m planning to do reviews of the finalists, as I did last year, so that’s on the way. For those of you who like my series on Thoughtcrime Experiments, I haven’t lost the thread there, either (My print copy just arrived in the mail on Saturday! You should order one, too). This is still a blog about short stories, mostly, even if I’ve been writing about movies and audio in the last week.


2 responses to “Million Writers Finalists Posted

  1. Thanks for the plug, Erica. Glad you liked the story!

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