Calling All Space Nerds

Drabblecast 14 contains the funniest thing I’ve heard in a while–a rap song called “Pimp My Satellite.” In the tradition of classic East Coast-West Coast rap battles, “Pimp My Satellite” extolls the Hubble and invites the Russians to throw down and match it (what have they done since Sputnik anyway?). It’s an excellent sendup–funny and real space references, with a dead-on parody of the tone of rap rivalry. You can download a free mp3 of the song at the Drabblecast site.

While you’re listening to the podcast, be sure to listen to the stories, too. Norm Sherman, who’s responsible for Drabblecast, is my favorite podcast performer. I really hear the relish with which he reads weird fiction. He reads it in a way that brings out the humor while also getting across the emotion in a story. And the sound effects are excellent. Drabblecast’s brand of weird is something I could definitely get used to.


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