John Scalzi Is Ruining My Life

… by writing books that I can’t put down. And I have deadlines, people.

The Old Man’s War series is an example of the holy reading grail for me–the books are page turners that have a lot to say about the human condition. For some reason, my personal experience is that science fiction is the genre most likely to achieve this sublime combination.

When a book is ruining my life this way, sometimes I just give in. I allow it to keep me awake at all hours, and I eat bread and peanut butter for dinner because I can for the most part prepare that without having to, you know, close the book. I like it when this happens to me, though it’s also a little weird to feel like I just need to finish this great book already so I can talk to my family again.

Probably, nobody needs me to tell them that Scalzi is good. Check the Hugo finalist list and his many other accolades. But just in case.


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