Random Blog Advice

Continuing my trend of posting things that everyone else may have already known, I want to say that I’ve discovered the joys of scheduling blog posts. It’s been clear since I started this blog that it’s important to update content regularly so as not to entirely lose one’s (admittedly minuscule) audience. I see plenty of evidence for that, both here and at the day job.

Updating regularly is a difficult thing when the blog is not the day job. Hence scheduling posts. I knock out two to three in a sitting now at times when I feel inspired to write and schedule them to post automatically at 9 p.m. on some future day. So far, this two-week-old experiment is looking like a success. If I lapse into a long silence, re-evaluation may be required. For now, I have to say this is the way to get a nice daily blogging rhythm (or at least to fake one). It helps to build up a cushion of posts. Blogging feels more pleasant then, and less like a constant content-hungry emergency.

I’ve also relaxed my own requirements a little. Reviews take me a long time–often I’ll be working on a short story review, and will look up and realize that a couple of hours have gone by. It’s hard not to fall by the wayside when that’s the standard. So, you’ll be seeing more smaller pieces here with quick thoughts, but I’ll be sure to continue doing reviews.

In my mind, there are several ways this blog can be a contribution to the online community of writers: 1) a blog is a great vehicle for writing a letter to an author, or talking about an author’s work; 2) my thoughts on publishing, writing, and editing may be useful to someone at some point; and 3) I may be able to notice interesting links for readers or help spread information. When I started this blog, I honestly expected no readers–I thought of it as a way of taking notes as I did market research and thought about writing. I decided to make those notes public because I thought this would give me an added incentive to keep taking notes, and because I thought they could potentially be helpful to someone. I still think this is a good perspective, but I’ve also thought more about how this can give back in a small way to the online writing community that continues to give so much to me. Mushy rant over now. Your comments are welcome.


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