3-Day Novel Aftermath

I’m still suffering a bit of post-3-day-novel depression. The night after the contest, I lay wide awake until 4 a.m., as excited and uncertain as if I was about to take an international flight to Spain. The next day, I put the novel draft in the mail, trying to ignore how crazy it was to send it out without doing anything to it, because that is how the rules of the contest work. I went to about 4 bookstores and bought a pile of books.

I enjoy writing nonfiction, but the change back to my day job felt abrupt. I’m in the middle of working on a feature for the November issue, and the work of revising a feature is a jarring change from the work of pouring out a draft at high speed. I’m hoping to get back to normal soon, and, in a few weeks, start taking a look at the draft I produced.


2 responses to “3-Day Novel Aftermath

  1. Hi! I’m still in contest withdrawal and now as the day of reckoning approaches, I’m feeling both giddy and ready for a big fat let down. I know that I should be simply proud of the work I did, but oh god to win would be lovely.

  2. Hi, Marion. Ditto to everything you say. I’m very anxious to find out who wins… This year’s winner, In the Garden of Men, was such an excellent read.

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