Off to a Reasonable Start

I’m at around 10,000 words for the day in the 3-Day Novel Contest, and am calling it a night. While I’m a bit nervous about the word count I’m going to have to hit tomorrow and Monday to get through the story, I’m very pleased with what I’ve done so far. The contest website says you’re lucky to get out of the gate on day 1, and I am definitely out of the gate.

I spent the morning plotting in conversation with my husband, until I felt I had a solid understanding of what needs to happen by certain points in the story for everything to work. I am writing a post-apocalyptic novel of urban fantasy and horror, in case you’re curious. The positive side of the story is that it’s complex, has tons of characters, and I am unlikely to get stuck due to a lack of plot. The negative side of the story is that it’s complex, has tons of characters, and I am worried that I will miss cues and not get everyone to where I need them to be at the right times. I also worry that there’s too much in the story and I won’t be able to get to the end in time. Other times, I worry that there’s not enough in the story, and I’ve only got 20 more pages in me before I run out of steam. You get the idea.

Most of what I did today was get all the characters introduced and set on their respective paths. I’m happy with how that’s gone so far, but I’m going to have to seriously step it up tomorrow, in order to hit the 20,000-word goal I’ve set for myself. Because I get a bit lonely sitting at the computer for hours, I’m planning to go over to my sister’s and spend much of the day on her porch working on my laptop.

One thing that I’m noticing, and that I’ve noticed before while doing Nanowrimo, is that when I’m writing under time pressure, my stories come out much darker and more violent than my normal writing. Part of why I’m calling it a night is that I’m home alone, and, honestly, I’m starting to creep myself out with what’s happening in this novel.


2 responses to “Off to a Reasonable Start

  1. Erican (do I have your name right? I think when I responded to you on the Weaklings blog I called you Eric, sorry.)

    Your novel sounds great, complex, like you said, but great. My plot was not nearly that involved, so kudos.

    Keep up the hard work, we’ve all got one more day. Make it the best!

    Andrew (from the Weaklings)

  2. Thanks for the good wishes, Andrew. I’m about to check in and see how it’s going for you. My name’s Erica. I noticed you called me Eric on your blog, but I figured, this contest’s so crazy I’m getting my own name wrong. It’s all good. 🙂

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