More Fun With Superheroes

I found another fun superhero story: Derek J. Goodman’s “A Chance Meeting With Whitenoise’s Sister,” published in GlassFire Magazine. Like the one in A Thousand Faces, it’s a story of a romance between someone with superpowers and a normal person. Unlike that story, this one is lighthearted:

Cecile blushed. “Um, yeah. Ever since I was born I’ve had the ability to interfere with electronics or any sort of electrical signal. Haven’t you ever noticed how the TV won’t work when I’m angry or the way lights burn brighter when I’m happy or….” She paused and smiled. “Or the way car alarms always go off outside when we have sex?”

I’m posting about it because it was fun to read. I particularly enjoyed the jokes about alternate realities:

Eric scratched his head, and Cecile let her body start to relax without realizing how tense she’d been. He hadn’t outright yelled at her. That was a good sign. “But if you used to do all that with your family, then how come I’ve never heard of Whitenoise Wrath before?”

“That’s because I’m actually a continuity inconsistency from an alternate reality. You see, when Quantimar the Time Lord stole the Eternity Shoe, he….” Eric stared at her with wide eyes. “You know what? Forget it. Doesn’t matter. The point is I’m not Whitenoise anymore. I’m Cecile.” She gestured at the restaurant around them. “Instead of trying to destroy the world, I serve tofu. I know some people might try to argue that they’re pretty much the same thing, but….” She trailed off, and they both sat in silence for almost a minute.

That part made me laugh out loud.


2 responses to “More Fun With Superheroes

  1. I’m glad you liked it!

  2. Glad to have read it!

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