I have a weakness for dinosaurs, and so, tonight, I’ll point to Jo Walton’s “Remember the Allosaur” in Lone Star Stories. This is another quick, fun piece, funnier than I often read:

Dialogue, Cedric, don’t lash your tail at me, you didn’t have any dialogue before I started directing. Didn’t I start you off in comedy? Remember that rubber fin in Stegosaur? “Cedric the Allosaur stars in Stegosaur.” You were such a hit, you wowed them, remember? What a movie. What a series of movies! Kids loved them, seniors loved them, and Hollywood Times voted Pterosaur the date movie of the year. We could make Pterosaur 2 tomorrow.

I’m not sure why it is so amusing to anthropomorphize dinosaurs, but it basically guarantees that I will pay attention.

Thinking of dinosaur flash fiction reminds me of a story I read a story a couple years back, Bruce Holland Rogers’ “Dinosaur” in the July 2006 issue of The Sun, that I still think about all the time. Its mood is very different — it’s a serious story. It doesn’t seem to be posted online, but, if you can track it down, it’s well worth it.

The two stories have completely different tones, but I had to read both of them because they contained the word “dinosaur.”


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