On Being an Open Node

Matt Bell, Dan Wickett, and Blake Butler have all posted recently on the idea of doing more within the literary community. The topic is timely for me, because that was some of my motivation for starting Words, Words, Words. For a long time, I’d thought of starting a blog, but hadn’t found an idea that I felt I could commit to writing about day after day and week after week.

When it occurred to me to review short stories, I knew I’d found the right topic. They’re by far my favorite form, but they don’t get much attention in mainstream review venues — particularly not single stories published online, which is where I’ve focused most of my attention. I’m glad to be a small part of giving more attention to the writers of these stories. Honestly, I don’t have the readership now to imagine I’m making much difference in the literary community, but the few interactions I’ve had have been great. Every time I write something that causes conversation, I’m glad. And I hope to participate more as I go.

Clearly, I can do more than what I’m doing here, and I hope to grow into that in the future. But getting this site going is a step for me, and one I’m glad I’m taking. The community of letters that is reading and writing has always had a lot of appeal for me, and the Internet allows that community to be so widespread and immediate.


2 responses to “On Being an Open Node

  1. Thanks for joining in the conversation, Erica– I’m really enjoying your short story reviews so far. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks, Matt. I’m glad to know you’re reading. In your post on the subject, I particularly liked reading about how, once you started focusing on submitting to sites/journals that you generally like to read, you began finding more success getting your writing out. That is so logical, and yet it’s easy to forget it under the mass of ideas about how I “ought” to approach publishing.

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