A Challenge

I’m buried in deadlines for the day job, so I’m just going to quickly point you to a challenge I’m considering taking up late next month. The 3-day novel contest is exactly what it sounds like. It takes place from August 30-September 1, and writers can participate from anywhere in the world. Registration has to be postmarked by August 29, and it costs $50.

I’ve taken part in National Novel Writing Month and Script Frenzy the last two years, and have found both to be deeply rewarding and incredibly fun. I figure, why stop there? If anyone reading this plans to participate, let me know. Maybe we can commiserate after the event, when we’ve both got carpal tunnel syndrome.

In any case, I’m thinking of working on an idea I’ve been turning around in my head for about 10 years. It seems to me that to pull off something that crazy, a strong vision helps.


5 responses to “A Challenge

  1. Wow! And I thought NaNoWriMo was crazy. (I’ve never participated because of the month-long disruption that it would cause in my house, though I’d like to try it.) However, I can’t even imagine writing a novel in 3 days! Is there a word-count requirement?

  2. Hi Diane,

    On the 3-day novel site, they say a typical entry is about 100 typed pages. Based on my Nanowrimo experience, that means they’re running slightly more than 50,000 words (last year’s Nanowrimo novel clocked in at 94 pages). That isn’t actually long enough to be a real novel, but it’s a great start at one, or a very baggy version of a novella. But it is an insanely short period of time that’s intimidating even after having done Nanowrimo. And my husband tells me he wants me to schedule time with a physical therapist to make sure I don’t hurt myself trying to do it.

  3. I’m participating for the first time this year. In fact, four others from my writer’s group are also participating. We’re going to blog a little bit (probably very little) during the weekend to log the experience. http://www.theweaklingsblog.blogspot.com

    I hope you choose to participate too, it sounds like a lot of fun.

    And for the record, I already have carpal tunnel syndrome, but I’ve got an ergonomic keyboard ready for the weekend!

  4. Hi Andrew! Great to hear from you. I just sent in my registration today. šŸ™‚ I’ll definitely check out your blog — I’m looking forward to it, and good luck to you and your writers’ group.

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