Hello world!

After much consideration, I’ve decided to start a blog focused mainly on reviews of short stories and articles that I read.

The idea of a reader’s journal has long appealed to me. Sometimes, as I’m reading, I jump up and write down a quote or a thought on a scrap of paper or in a notebook. The trouble is that I instantly lose those scraps of paper, and it’s not easy to preserve the stream of thoughts and quotes.

The best short stories become a part of me, carried alongside my favorite memories. I tell my family and my friends about them, always lamely trying to describe an experience that can only be properly captured within the story’s original words. Good stories always raise questions for me, or remind me of parallel experiences. Here, I plan to write about what I read in those personal terms, as well as discussing formal aspects of stories. If you come across this blog, please feel free to do the same in the comments.

Where I can, I’ll link to online versions of whatever I write about. If nothing is available online, I’ll link to where it can be purchased. I don’t plan to limit myself to writing about new fiction or articles.

In the future, I may add in reviews of music or descriptions of places I visit.


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